cindy tells a story

She wrinkles her nose and gathers wanton wisps of dreams.  She whispers quietly to you.  Relegating people to prose siphons from the luster of living.  She peers at you, perched in the ephemeral altitudes.  She blanches at the prospect of text derisive tonality.  Cindy puffs out her chest and waif eyes gleam. She coaxes the clouds onto a spindle. 

gakgd9-1463430428761 (1).png

with nimble fingers dancing

a familiar, forlorn ballad, she twines the mist with a golden memory. She takes a deep breath and reaches inside. Her chordae tendinae are plucked, gently, from deep within.

Heart strings snap and recoil. A resonant rift emerges from her chest. The sound reverberates in your ears.

she warbles a haunting melody. she never pauses while spooling her weft.